​Anne Marie Price 

 ​Fine Art Mosaic

** ​Read about my mosaic on stone in a recent article. ABC News


***New NEWS! Sign up for my Fall "Garden Mosaic on Stone" class at the Huntington Beach Art Center! Two choices for a 4 day class session are available! 

Click HERE! Type "mosaic" into search bar on page to find my class! Fills up quick!

*October 3-4, 2015*

Mosaic Garden Rock Class at Coyote Unlimited Fine Art Gallery in Forest Falls,CA

Contact me for details!

​​​Amp Art Studio ~

*Fall 2016* 

Garden Mosaic on Stone Class

Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA

*June 13-14 2015*

Current class I offer is "Mosaic on Stone" with other classes in the works and future venues!

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**Contact me about having a class in your home! Minimum of 4 students needed to set up class.