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Anne Marie Price
Mosaic Artist
   I do not remember a moment when I was not creating some kind of art but I do remember the moment I realized I wanted to create mosaic art exclusively.  It was nothing short of a day when I found my purpose. I approach the creation of my mosaic art with the same intent that any artist approaches the creation of their art, to create my personal version of what we all see around us.
 I have always been intrigued by nature and natural design and in every piece I try to incorporate a natural feel, whether it be in design, color or flow. I do not limit myself in what materials I use to create my mosaic art and my portfolio is testament to that idea of no limits to what I choose to use for a particular inspiration. 
My overall focus and message when creating my art is in using the idea that there is beauty in the simplistic, that there is complexity and contradiction at play even when you attempt to simplify. Many of my pieces follow this idea and I love to incorporate secret messages for those who choose to look a bit closer than to what is on the surface. 

Anne Marie Price
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